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Thursday, February 23

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Support for Administrators of French Immersion Programs Glen 209Monique Gravel Power 2B Me: New Nutrition Program for Grades 7-9 Telus 106Lee Finell Beyond the Visual Schedule - Strategies for Children with Learning & Behaviour Challenges Glen 202Jennifer Jones • David Stawn Inspiring Awe and Wonder in children Telus 111Garfield Gini-Newman (PRE-REG) Using Smart Notebook to Teach Elementary Music.....Even From a Cart Glen 203Tashina Mackenzie What can a Diversity Equity Human Rights Committee Do? Telus 103J. Anderson • Paulette Morck AnimalTales: How to use stories to develop character Macleod Hall E2Melissa Logan Best of the Best: 2016's Most Engaging Books for Grades 7-12 Macleod Hall E3Karen Belter • Lissa Davies Guys Write! 9 Sure-Fire Ways to Excite Your Boys About Writing (and your girls too) Macleod Hall E1Diana Cruchley Literary Salon: The Art of Intentional Conversation Macleod Hall E4Julianne Harvey Meaningful Math Intervention through Automaticity Practice Telus 105Ryan Fox Number Line Math Games Glen 206Jane Felling Embedding Physical LIteracy throughout the school day Glen 201Heather Nusl • Tasha Royer 'Blessed are the merciful' - exploring the biblical roots of mercy Telus 107Stephane Saulnier Teaching Students About Authoritative Resources with the Online Reference Centre Telus 104Erin Hansen Take Action! Teach Curriculum through Environmental Stewardship Glen 204 The 3 Cs to Developing Dynamic Student Leaders Sooner Glen 208Christina Kruis Alberta Moodle HUB Telus 101/102Dirk Meyer • Marcie Perdue Kindness in the Classroom Glen 205Theresa McIsaac • Krista Warners Preventing Teacher Burnout - how to care for you! Glen 210Larisa Jeffares • Nicole Wiens FULL - (PRE-REG) Drawing Workshop at the Calgary Zoo (12:15pm-4:15pm) - FULL Off-SiteEstelle Blair • School Program Interpreters, Keepers, out sourced instructors, program coordinators

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Leading Innovative Teaching and Learning Macleod Hall AAndreaC_YYC (PRE-REG) Nutrition Boot Camp Imperial 3Amber Arnold • Jen Awde Skills Canada Alberta- Trades & Technologies in the Classroom Glen 203Becky Peterson Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS): Basics 101 Macleod Hall BLaurie Johnston Unwrapping the Gift: Understanding and Embracing the Gifted Learner Glen 208Krystal Abrahamowicz FULL - (PRE-REG) Break-it-Out Curriculum Challenge - FULL Glen 210Glenn Gibson • Alberta Smallwood Schoolyard Hikes – Environmental education right outside your door Glen 204 Making the Most of the first years of Band Imperial 5Verna Ahner Making the Play Come to Life Imperial 1Rob Burton (PRE-REG) Collaborative Creativity & Design Thinking Glen 201Anisa Khan Communication en mathématiques Glen 209Alice Prophete Getting past 'one day at a time': how beginning teachers can develop longevity Glen 205Kimberley Grant Reading Rainbows: Creating Safer Spaces and Allies with LGBTQ Histories and Stories Telus 103J. Anderson “Cyberbullying, An Emerging Threat to the ‘Always On’ Generation' Exhibition Hall EBill Belsey Best of the Best: 2016's Most Engaging Books for K-6 Macleod Hall E3Karen Belter • Lissa Davies Bringing the Community into the Classroom: Portfolio defenses for senior high English classrooms Telus 101/102Al Friesen Non-Fiction Writing Workshop Macleod Hall E4Julianne Harvey Building Spatial Algebra and Number Sense in Junior High Math (7-9) Telus 105Rosalind Carson Demystifying Dice - Primary Math Games with All Kinds of Dice Glen 206Jane Felling 10 Games that are not dodgeball. (4-9) Imperial 4/6Kendra Harper • Kendra Silk Using Daily Physical Activity (DPA) to Support School-Wide Wellness Imperial 8Chesa Peter The Dark Passages of Scripture: Is God a Moral Monster? Telus 107Tomas Rochford Introducing the all NEW Alberta Tomorrow Citizen Science App: Making data collection and GIS simulations simpler and more meaningful for your Science, Bio, CTS and Social Studies Inquiry Projects! Macleod Hall CJennifer Janzen • Kara Vincent Flexible Access to Curricular-Aligned, Authoritative Resources for Secondary Humanities Telus 104Erin Hansen Learning with iBooks Author: A tool for content delivery, content curation, and content creation Telus 106Steve Clark • Dan New Learn Performance (The M2 Sport Performance Workshop) Imperial 9Marty Hansen • Kari Hill Unsocial Media; Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety Macleod Hall DWade Sorochan Your Pension Matters Macleod Hall E2Dana Adams Beyond Inquiry: Creating opportunities for deep learning through sustained inquiry Telus 111Garfield Gini-Newman (PRE-REG)Studio Bell - National Music Centre: Half Day Scavenger Hunt Experience ($15) Off-SiteStudio Bell/National Music Centre Braveheart Writers: 10 Secrets to Quality Writing Macleod Hall E1Diana Cruchley FULL - (PRE-REG) Destination Africa Tour and Journalling Workshop at the Calgary Zoo (1:15-4:15) - FULL Off-SiteAndrea Beaty • Estelle Blair • School Program Interpreters, Keepers, out sourced instructors, program coordinators Writing ... Not that again! Engaging Our Reluctant Writers in Authentic Writing Tasks Glen 202Jennifer Jones • David Stawn (PRE-REG) Utilizing Vernier Probeware and sensors in the High School Science, Chemistry and Physics Classroom Telus 110Allen Stretton

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Creating a Community of Wellness – it starts with you! Imperial 9Chesa Peter (PRE-REG) Iron Chef Imperial 3Amber Arnold • Jen Awde Dual Credit Psychology: A partnership between Rocky View schools and the University of Calgary Macleod Hall E4Dr. Melissa Boyce • Dr. Michael Boyes • Carolyn McLeod Engage! Experiential Learning in Jasper National Park Glen 210Barbara Schmidt Making Safety a Life-Long Habit Glen 203Sara Rooseboom Outdoor Education in the foothills of the Rockies - The Quest Program at Oilfields High School - Exploring Cross Curricular Studies through Outdoor Education Glen 204Adam Argento • Karen Larter • Chase Sillito Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS): Plan B Macleod Hall BLaurie Johnston FULL - (PRE-REG) Making Meaning Through Makerspace - FULL Glen 201Karen Gowda • Elizabeth Kane • Alastair Wilson How to Become Fearlessly Creative & Have Better Ideas More Often Macleod Hall CJoel Hilchey • Brandon Love FULL - (PRE-REG) Traditional West African Drumming: An Authentic Musical Experience for All Ages - FULL Imperial 7Sarah Haughey Clay Sculpture Basics Glen 205Lani Loewen-McKnight Powerful Techniques For Creative Student Sketchbooks Imperial 5Michael Shain Appelés à former les consciences' - Amoris Laetitia et le contexte educationel Glen 209Stephane Saulnier You Did WHAT…?!?! Macleod Hall ACynthia Malner-Charest “Bullying: What Teachers Should Know, What Can be Done” (The PD I never had.) Exhibition Hall EBill Belsey Writing Workshops in the English Classroom: What are you waiting for? Telus 101/102Al Friesen Double Dare you - Demystifying Math Uses for Double Dice Glen 206Jane Felling Increasing Algebra Number Sense Through Puzzles Part 2 Telus 105Rosalind Carson Goose Bump Moments: The Thrills of Teaching French As A Second Language Glen 208Charlie Hunter (PRE-REG) Kettlebell Training - Learn How and Why Imperial 8Marty Hansen • Kari Hill 10 Games that are not dodgeball. (K-3) Imperial 4/6Kendra Harper • Kendra Silk Rediscovering the Virtues in the 21st Century Telus 107Tomas Rochford Dissection: Current trends and alternatives Telus 103Melissa Logan The Storytelling Teacher: Using Multiliteracy Strategies to Improve Engagement and Content Retention for All Learners Telus 104Matt Berrigan Go pro with a GoPro Camera... Photo & Video Shoot and Editing Session Telus 106Gregg Silver Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement Macleod Hall E2Nathan Forsyth FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)--The Age of Anxiety and Sleep Deprivation Macleod Hall DWade Sorochan International Teaching Exchange-A teacher's perspective Imperial 1Rob Burton
Friday, February 24

08:30 MST

Enhancing Systems to Improve Student Attendance Macleod Hall E3Dr. Mitchell Colp • Kristy McConnell • Chris Pawluk Hey, Leaders! Formative Assessment isn’t Just for Kids! Macleod Hall E4Donna Yanew Oh the Places You'll Go! Talking about careers with Youth Telus 104Lise Stransky Modifying the Curriculum for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities Telus 103Amelie Doucet • Kelly Sensory Processing Through Yoga & Mindfulness Imperial 6Donna Freeman The Secret to Bringing Out the BEST in Students Macleod Hall BChris Wejr Engaging Students with Daily Creative Activity Imperial 1Brandon Love How to Bury an Old Maid in a Body Bag Imperial 8Courtney Armstrong Learning in the Age of Distraction Exhibition Hall EBill Belsey Teaching Band with Bill Wahl Imperial 9Bill Wahl FULL - (PRE-REG) Creating colour harmonies using Oil Pastels - FULL Imperial 5Christina Dixon Teaching Primary French in Fun & Creative Ways Glen 209Gregg Silver Facebook is Making Your Students Meaner Macleod Hall DJoel Hilchey The Story of the ATA: A Conversation with President Mark Ramsankar Macleod Hall AMark Ramsankar Women in Leadership: Are We There Yet? Glen 203Shelley Magnusson Career Pathways: So You Want To Be A Writer? Imperial 3Tyler Enfield Digging Deep- A Collaborative Critical/Analytical Project in Secondary English Telus 110Jim Forrest Precision Reading Macleod Hall CKim Tackaberry Insight into Equality: Grades 4 - 6 (Understanding the 'equal sign'.) Glen 202Wanda Dechant and Kim Tackaberry Intro to mastery-based learning in Math and Science with randomly-generated WIRIS quizzes for Moodle Telus 106Trevor Armstrong Introduction to Trigonometry - a Holistic and Visual Approach (High School Math) Telus 105Rosalind Carson Backwards Planning and Novels in the Second Language Classroom Imperial 2Kristin Duncan On-site Orienteering Glen 210Jon Olfert The General Play Skills (GPS) Program - Developing Physical Literacy Through Play Imperial 4Tracy Lockwood Authentic Worship | understanding & teaching the connection between worship & purity Telus 107 The Importance of Endangered Species Education Glen 204Reptile Parties It All Started with an iPad... Glen 205Patti Beloglowka • Kim Boraas • Trena Threndyle Pros, cons, and how to record lessons to YouTube Glen 206Michael Zhang Mindfulness in Schools Telus 101/102Chris Hughes (PRE-REG) Power Up! Cooking with Milk Products and Eggs Off-SiteJaclyn Chute • Jodie Kachkar (PRE-REG) Design Thinking Workshop for Educational Planning Glen 201Kimberley Grant The Hunger Games: That Kid's Just Looking for Attention Macleod Hall E2Ariel Haubrich Education for Reconciliation: Understanding the Legacy of Residential Schools Telus 108/109Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty Werklund School of Education Undergraduate Student Poster Display Off-SiteWerklund School of Education Undergraduate Student (20) • Cynthia Prasow Write Beside Us - Writers' Workshop Macleod Hall E1Jenna Bertrand • Amanda Milot • Andrea Schell • Thomas South (PRE-REG) Grade 4-6 School Program Demos at The Calgary Zoo (9:00-10:30) Off-SiteEstelle Blair • School Program Interpreters, Keepers, out sourced instructors, program coordinators (PRE-REG) K-3 School Program Demos at The Calgary Zoo (9:00-10:30) Off-SiteEstelle Blair • School Program Interpreters, Keepers, out sourced instructors, program coordinators (PRE-REG) Stoichiometry: Five Hands-On Chem 20/30 Activities to Improve Student Understanding Telus 111Ken Hoffman (PRE-REG) Scratch Programming Glen 208Gerald Chung (PRE-REG) Moodle Course Building Workshop Off-SiteDirk Meyer • Marcie Perdue CANCELLED - (PRE-REG) HIGH FIVE Sport: A National Certification Program & NCCP PD Credit - CANCELLED Off-SiteJen Goeres FULL - (PRE-REG) Personal Growth and Healing through Equine Facilitated Learning - FULL Off-SiteCarrie Watson

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Bring Out the BEST in Your Staff Macleod Hall BChris Wejr Coaching Students to Success Imperial 1Brandon Love Substitute Teachers: Strategies that Work Glen 210Gregory Markusson Using Learning Journals to Organize and Synthesize Student Learning Macleod Hall E4Breanne Davidson • Jenna Dimnik • Linda Kroeker Choral Conducting 201 Imperial 9Colleen Whidden Using Repertoire to Create a Successful Festival Experience (Even with limited instrumentation) Imperial 2Tricia Howe (PRE-REG) Art Across Cultures Imperial 5Kimberley Lewis Using Technology in an Immersion Setting Glen 209Gregg Silver Hot Topic: What You Need to Know About the New Quality Standards Macleod Hall DMark Yurick Teachers in Popular Culture Macleod Hall AMario Trono Teaching internationally: A personal perspective Imperial 3Greg Williams TRC Calls to Action--Opening up conversations in safe learning spaces Imperial 6Jennifer MacDonald • Jennifer Markides Dyslexia: Exploring the Three Subtypes Macleod Hall CKim Tackaberry Literacy: The Wonder Years - Creating a Love of Reading from the Start Glen 203Jennifer Munton Exploring Functions: Linear, Quadratic and More Telus 105Rosalind Carson Further exploration of randomly-generated WIRIS quizzes for Moodle (Part 2, after Intro session) Telus 106Trevor Armstrong Insight into Equality: K - 3 (What that 'equal sign' really means!) Glen 202Wanda Dechant and Kim Tackaberry DANCEPL3Y (dance-play) - Developing Physical Literacy Through Dance Imperial 4Tracy Lockwood The Purity Pandemic | dealing with disaster in our postmodern world Telus 107 (PRE-REG) Exploring the Universe: In-School Field Trip Inside a Digital Planetarium Imperial 7James Durbano Five Minute Field Trips Telus 104Kathy Worobec Interactive Notebooks for Math and Science Telus 110Cherra-Lynne Olthof Reptiles In Education Glen 204Reptile Parties Press Start: Bringing Video Games into the Humanities Classroom Telus 103Greg Overguard It's just a game...unless you make it more Imperial 8Courtney Armstrong Tips and Tricks to incorporate Google Classroom into your teaching routine Glen 206Michael Zhang “21st Century Learning: Hype or Hope?” Exhibition Hall EBill Belsey Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model: Supporting ALL students Macleod Hall E3Kurtis Hewson • Lorna Hewson SchoolCoach.ca - Online Coach Education Glen 205Deanna Metro Studio Bell - National Music Centre: Open House for Teachers (Drop In: 10-5) Off-SiteStudio Bell/National Music Centre

11:30 MST

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Revisiting Rubrics Macleod Hall E4Donna Yanew Students with Scars: Understanding Self Injury Macleod Hall E2Ariel Haubrich (PRE-REG) Robotmania! Programming made easy! Imperial 8Nadya Schewczyk Healthy Bodies, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Boundaries: Talking and Teaching about Healthy Sexuality in Youth with Intellectual Disabilities Telus 103Heather Cobb • Wendi Lokanc-Diluzio • Dr Sandra M. Reilly The Secret of Building Personal Connections for students with learning disabilities and ADHD Macleod Hall CKim Tackaberry Seeing Beyond the Mask of Behavior Macleod Hall ALouise Blank #Nabara #Na & Tate Wetu: African Song & Dance Lessons Imperial 9AfricanSong.org by Garth Prince Making Small Ensembles work by Design and Circumstance Imperial 2Tricia Howe Stage Combat Fundamentals - The Illusion of Violence Imperial 1Brianna Johnston • John Knight Teaching French through Songs & Games Glen 209Denise Gagne Williamson Motivation from Within - Moving Away From Points, Prizes, and Pizza Parties Macleod Hall BChris Wejr Igniting a Campaign for Third Grade Reading in Alberta Glen 201Steacy Collyer Inquiry and Problem Based Learning in Mathematics: A Thematic Approach to Meeting Outcomes. Telus 105Jason Ness • Dan New Numeracy: What is it? Where is it? Who’s Responsible for it in grades k-6? Glen 202Wanda Dechant and Kim Tackaberry Cover Letter, Resume and Interviewing Guidelines Glen 210Gregory Markusson The Challenges, and Rewards in Developing an School Wide Outdoor Education Program Glen 203Steven Kotowich Sing a New Song (no, really...) Telus 107Michael Landry (PRE-REG) Exploring the Universe: In-School Field Trip Inside a Digital Planetarium (REPEAT) Imperial 7James Durbano What is a Black Hole? Telus 111Neil Frail • Laura Pankratz Leap into Action Telus 104Kathy Worobec Lights Camera ReconciliACTION! Telus 101/102Darlene Cox Maximizing Chromebooks in Class Glen 206Michael Zhang Feeling Drained? How to Beat the Burnout & Make Work Fun Again Macleod Hall DJoel Hilchey Move More to Learn More: How 5-Minute Activity Breaks can Help Students Succeed at School Imperial 4Theresa McIsaac • Madelyne Porter Sleep Better Imperial 6Donna Freeman FULL - (PRE-REG) Skills Canada Alberta - Prep Your Baking Competitor! (11:45 - 3:00 at SAIT) - FULL Off-SiteRolf Runkel (PRE-REG) Think Outside the Brick! Glen 204Andrew Kunz Fundamentals of Photography: Level One Imperial 3Tyler Enfield Understanding the Histories, Cultures and Worldviews of Alberta’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples Telus 108/109Yvonne Toney (Moderator) Readers Workshop: Creating Lifelong Readers Macleod Hall E1Amanda Dwyer • Andrea McGeachie • Meaghan Zolpis (PRE-REG) Grade 7 - 12 School Program Demos at The Calgary Zoo (12:15-1:45) Off-SiteEstelle Blair • School Program Interpreters, Keepers, out sourced instructors, program coordinators FULL - (PRE-REG) VEX Robotics - Competitive Engineering for High School - FULL Telus 106Curtis Arends (PRE-REG) Transform Your Stress with Heart Math: The Resilience Advantage (Personal Stress Reduction) Telus 110Kristin Pilon • Krista Warners How connecting with kids through social-emotional learning can increase their potential Glen 208Jacqui London

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LinkedIn 101 for Teachers and Administrators Telus 111Lise Stransky 10 Outstanding Ways to Involve your Students in Assessment Macleod Hall E4Donna Yanew Connecting WIth The Disconnected Macleod Hall BChris Wejr Meeting the learning needs of adopted children Telus 103Colleen Clark • Ken Hoffman Easy Magic Tricks to Engage and Inspire Imperial 1Brandon Love Entitlementality (& How to Teach Against It) Macleod Hall DJoel Hilchey (PRE-REG) Art Across Cultures - REPEAT Imperial 5Kimberley Lewis FULL - (PRE-REG) Expression and response using Watercolours - FULL Imperial 2Christina Dixon Hot Topic: What You Need to Know About Curriculum Development Macleod Hall CMark Yurick Technology in the Math Classroom | a look at Casio graphing calculators Telus 105 Teaching Chess to Beginners Glen 202Paul Gagné Comprehensible Input Activities for the Second Language Classroom Glen 209Kristin Duncan Chair Yoga for the Classroom Imperial 6Donna Freeman The Third Place Project Telus 107Michael Landry Judaism in the World: Then and Now Telus 101/102Gregg Silver (PRE-REG) Let's Teach Kids to Code Glen 210Bill Belsey (PRE-REG) Stop-Motion Wonders on the iPad. Say What?! Quick, Easy and Fun! Imperial 8Nadya Schewczyk How to save time grading written assignments in Google Docs Glen 206Michael Zhang Setting up a CISCO Academy Telus 104Gerald Chung Sick Leave—What It Is and What It Isn’t Glen 203Lisa Everitt Stress, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll: Managing Stress & the Work-Life Roller Coaster Macleod Hall E2Ariel Haubrich

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